In 2007 Dr. Gertruda Armaly with a team of three went to Ghana on a mission trip to minister in Pastors conferences, churches and 2 bible schools.  While in Adidome, Dr. Armaly and the team ministered in Mount Zion Bible College.  Part of the curriculum of the College was for the students to do an outreach into the countryside where there were no churches.

A team of four went out on a Sunday afternoon, Pastor Fred Bansah, Pastor Bonnie Dekold, Ginger  Bogden and James went to an area called New Bapka.  Pastor Fred had contacted the chief to see if they could have a meeting at his home.  After the gospel was preached the chief and his family accepted the Lord as their Savior.  That was the beginning of the ministry that now exists.

The Land, 5 ½ acres was purchased in 2007 and a rough shelter was put up.  The church grew quite quickly, and they needed a pastor.  Pastor Fred Bansah was asked to take on that position by Rev. Sharron Titian.  He accepted and Pastor Fred and his wife Bless and two children, Defred and Osborn moved to New Bapka in May 2008.   Antioch Christian Ministries began to support the work and Pastor Fred began to plant a crop of ground nuts on some of the land that had been purchased.

A proper church facility was built in 2012 by ICM of the United States in partnership with King’s Voice Ministries.  The church was dedicated to the Lord on August 19th 2012.  So the vision began to expand.  Pastor Fred is a great visionary and he soon began to dream about establishing a school.

In 2013 Dr. Gertruda Armaly again brought a team to minister in Ghana and they visited Pastor Fred and Bless and their church family.  We established a wonderful relationship with Pastor Fred and Bless.  On one of our visits, Pastor Fred was critically ill because he had been poisoned by someone.  Their youngest child was battling Cystic Fibrosis.  Both were healed that night.  God still does mighty miracles.

The vision of the church included a Christian children’s school.  The school was started in 2015 in the church.  That was their first academic year. The school expanded very quickly because of the desperate need of the children who came to the church but were not attending school.  Several rough structures were put up on the property.  But they lacked staff and supplies.  His attendance grew too quickly and at one point he had over 100 children.  But Covid interrupted everything.

During the Covid shutdowns of 2020-2022, the school began to struggle, and Pastor Fred could no longer pay his staff.  Many of the children in this village were unable to pay for their one meal a day and were unable to buy the school supplies needed nor could they provide uniforms.  Their needs were huge when they turned to us to help them. The District Assembly (government)  was giving them  requirements that they could not meet.

Dr. Gertruda Armaly and Rev Donna Rohrmiller began to ask the Lord what His desire was regarding the school.  The Lord’s approval was felt all over this new assignment.  It is interesting to note that our children’s home had closed which was the original vision for Titian Ministries.  We now just had the young adults.   Because they were old enough to choose for themselves, they remained with us.  We only had 4 children now in our Foster Care Program.  But the Lord was about to give us many more children.  He had a plan to impact many children and our “yes” would make that happen.

Matthew 25:21 His lord said to him, “Well done good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.  Enter into the joy of the Lord.

We now have 215 children.  God has provided for a computer lab with all the needed equipment.  All their curriculum and books have been brought up to date and kindergarten materials such as puzzles, toys, colouring books etc. have been purchased.

We have 15 teachers on staff and 2 non teaching staff who help prepare the food so that the kids can have 2 good meals a day. We are in the process right now of completing toilet facilities and a kitchen so that the women do not have to cook outside in the rain anymore.

The students are really good at sports and have won several competitions already.  So we have purchased the needed equipment and jerseys for them to identify them as competing for Winning Star Preparatory School.

We have been told that the British High Commission will be building a new school facility for them in not to distant future.  God is really blessing this little community school of New Bapka.