Where They Are Now

One day on my way to church in Adidome, I was greeted by Patience. She recognized me and reminded me that she is one of the trokosi rescued by “Madame Sharon.” When I went into the church, I was pleased to see that she was seated where the church leaders sit. The church she is a part of is the one that supported Rev. Sharon Titian in prayer when she first came to Adidome and in the work with the trokosi. (Rev. Donna)

Newell is a young man who was assisted by this mission to go to high school. He has completed Teacher’s Training College and teaches in a primary school. He helps some of the children who do not have what they need because he remembers how he was helped. Newell put himself through college where he met his wife, Olivia. They now have a baby daughter.

Christian is a young man who was one of the first orphans to come to the mission in 2003. He was sent home to be with relatives but later came to Adidome to go to high school. We found out he was struggling financially and had him come to stay on the mission until he completed his studies. He has now returned to his home town.

Gladys came to Rev. Sharon as a very young girl and was brought up in her household. She went to school and later served in the mission house. Rev. Sharon sent Gladys to Social Work school. After she graduated, she worked for an NGO that helped reunite children who were trafficked with their families. She now works with Compassion International. She now serves on the Titian Ministries Ghana Board and helps us with Children of Zion.

Aurelia’s father is a fetish priest. When Rev. Sharon went to Benin to free the trokoi there, Aurelia’s father asked if she would take his daughter too to give her an education. Aurelia completed school and served on the mission for many years. She is now married and has two beautiful children. Her daughter, the first borne, is named after Rev. Sharon, and her son is named after Pastor Gerrie’s (our international Director) husband Jack.

Pastor Fred was part of the Mount Zion Bible College held at the mission. He was part of a student/missionary outreach into the local village of New Bakpa. He is pastor of the church that grew out of that outreach. He has since held some vocational training classes for single mothers, and has a Christian primary school. Pastor Fred is on the Titian Ministries Ghana Board and teaches at our Bible School. His wife is a soon to be graduate of the second class of the Bible school.

Pastor Jacob is a graduate of the Pinecrest Bible School extension program. He has been a pastor for many years and developed a village ministry. He is now working for Titian Ministries and is living on the compound. He is the Dean of the Bible School and oversees our Loaves and Fishes ministry to the elderly.