Loaves & Fishes – Elderly Ministry

In 2004 Rev. Sharon Titian established a 5-day a week feeding program for the elderly in Adidome.  Not only was there poverty among children, but there were many hungry and vulnerable older men and women.  There is no social assistance in Ghana and the elderly are often abandoned.  To meet the needs of these people Rev. Sharon opened up a soup kitchen in partnership with Rev. Daniel Akoa from the Lutheran Church. They began by serving over 25 people, all over the age of 80. They were served a warm meal and a teaching from the scriptures.  Many were led to the Lord over the years. The numbers grew to about 45 elderly over the age of 70.

On December 28, 2016 another bridge was crossed in our process of restoration of this ministry. And what joy Rev. Donna saw on the faces in front of her! They had not heard from Titian Ministries for years and now they were here again, anticipating the Christmas gifts they were going to receive. Over the span of an hour, people came by motor bike, shared taxi, on foot, with the help of a younger person, and hobbling on canes. Many of the people were those who had been part of the daily soup kitchen meal served for years under this ministry, even some from way back in 2005. Madame Comfort, from the District Department of Social Welfare, had compiled a list of those who had been part of the soup kitchen and additional elderly who were in similar need. We gave out 49 gifts of food, consisting of rice, oil, soap, and a can of sardines. We added a soda in celebration of Christmas. It was also our opportunity to share the love of Christ with them through the Word and prayer. As the people left, we drove a few to their homes. They had struggled to get there and we were not sure how they could manage to walk the distance back to town with their packages.

In 2018 we were feeding 55 elderly men and women through a monthly distribution of food, both physical and spiritual.  Madame Comfort from the Department of Social Welfare recently requested help for an older woman who was starving and not well-cared for.  They moved her to family who love her but did not have the means to feed her. So we felt to provide for her and make it possible for her to stay with them. There are so many needs all around us.  So we bless what we have and thank the Father for His wonderful provision.

As we have continued through the years we have had visiting ministries who have spoken to and prayed with the elderly. We have also helped some with their living conditions.