July 2023 – Changing Lives, Transforming a Nation

The Vision Continues to Unfold

Such a long time since we have written a newsletter! Rev Donna was out of Ghana for three months visiting supporters, friends, and family. She lives in the US, and spent most of her time there, but was also able to visit Canada to see the Board of Directors and to speak at Antioch Christian Ministries.

Donna visited Rita, our graduated seamstress in her new location. The container she has her shop in and also lives in has turned out wonderful. However, she does need your prayers. Starting a business is rough, especially in a new town. We are now working on a sign for her. Please pray for customers. She is very good, and I know when a few come and see her work, they will tell others.

Winning Star Preparatory School is doing well. When we started working with them, they had 90 students and six teachers. They now have 185 students and twelve teachers. So far this year, we have been able to supply them with enough desks for all the students and to purchase tables and chairs for the teachers. We purchased the new curriculum the government put out, as well as the teaching notes. We provided sports jerseys and balls so they could participate in games with the other schools. They are very good at soccer. Currently a bathroom facility is being constructed. The outhouse they used to have was destroyed during a storm.

Our youngest child, Kwabena, is now in school! He is 2 years old, which is the normal age here to start nursery. William and Xorve, his foster parents, received him when he was first born. Social Welfare said he would eventually be adopted, but that the police had to investigate for family first. His mother left him in the hospital and there is no trace of her. However, the police have still not signed off on this. It’s a very slow and frustrating system here! In the meantime, however, he lights up the life of all who know him. Isn’t he adorable?

Peter and Paul, our other foster children, are now living with Pastor Fred and Blessing who are in the process of bec0ming their foster parents. Pastor Fred is the Director of Winning Star Preparatory School, on our Ghana Board of Directors, and teaches in our IAM Bible School. Peter and Paul are attending Winning Star and have adjusted well. However, for some time even before their move, they have struggled in school. Pastor Fred has arranged for one of the teachers to privately tutor them.

Six children from our children’s home who were reunited with extended family are still part of us. All of them are in junior high school now. Four will be taking the national exam in a few months. This exam covers all their subjects and  determines their eligibility for senior high school. Please pray for them: Kekeli, Derrick, Angelo, and Daniel. Lisa and Senanu are in their first year of junior high, which is for three years total.

We also have four college students who need your prayers:

  • Joshua is in his third and last year of nursing college. He has finished his courses and is now in classes preparing for his final and licensure exams, which start in August.
  • Joseph is in his second year of a four year teachers college. His challenge this year, in addition to his course work and exams, is to pass a national exam in math, which is required for him to continue. He is taking special classes in math. His exam will be in November or December.
  • Prosper has submitted an application to the University College of Education at Winneba for a program in graphic design. We are praying he will be accepted.
  • Janet, the daughter of William and Xorve, is now receiving our assistance with her two year nursing course. William and Xorve supported her for the first semester. Now we are partially supporting her as well, since we discovered she had needs they were not able to meet. I brought her a laptop and could see that she was really enjoying her classes. The picture of Janet is from after her matriculation ceremony.

Please consider supporting our work with these children and young adults. The information for donations is below.