Historical Information

In obedience to the Lord, Reverend Titian opened the mission’s doors to the orphaned and abused children in the Volta Region. Many children were victims of HIV/AIDS as well as child labor and trafficking. By God’s grace she began providing a home for them where she could nurture them and share the love of Jesus with them. Rev. Sharon believed that the Lord had a purpose for each of these children; and especially those who have no relatives.

Children of Zion first began in the Adidome facility which is located on the Volta River. Rev Sharon received the first needy children in 2003.  In 2004, she decided to apply to be a Children’s Home and received more children into the facility. In January 2005 Rev. Sharon registered the ministry as a separate NGO.

Rev. Sharon felt that the Lord instructed her to move the children to the Anloga where the spiritual atmosphere is much more peaceful. One of the Ghana Board members approached the District Assembly to release a barracks building to the ministry and they agreed. The building was renovated and cleaned so that Rev Sharon could move the children in before the school year began.  They were moved into their new facility on September 17th, 2009 and were registered in their new school. She then found land on the ocean, purchased about 4 acres for a good price, and began to build a house for the children.


The house on the ocean was left unfinished when Rev. Sharon died in July of 2011. The apartment upstairs was completed in 2016 with cupboards, kitchen, bedrooms, and dining/living area that houses the young ladies, younger boys, Xorve and William the foster parents and their four children.  Downstairs a bedroom /bathroom was built for the older boys.  There was also a study hall, community room and storage room.  We have surrounded the property with a 9ft. high wall  to protect the children.

At that time, we had 24 children in our two homes.  The younger children were located at the Barracks facility that was donated to Rev. Sharron by the District Assembly.  That facility had to be upgraded with a fresh paint job, new mosquito netting (screens) on the windows, a new bathroom, septic tank, and eating area. We fenced in the play area and have provided playground equipment for the children.

The Director of the Children’s home was Pastor Paul Akotey, Mount Sinai Church, Anloga.  He along with three other staff and Xorve & William were doing an amazing job of overseeing the day  to day operations of the homes.  Our foster mother Xorve was rescued as a young girl from a shrine and grew up at the mission.  Eventually she met her husband, William, when he came to work with us and they were married.  We give thanks that the love of God has come full circle as they  reach out together as foster parents to care for the next generation of their countrymen.

At that time our children were doing very well.  Rita was studying as an apprentice for a seamstress who was trained under Sharron Titian.  Rita was about to enter her third and final year.  Our older twins, Joshua and Joseph wrote their national exams and returned home while they waited for their results. Joshua wanted to be a nurse and Joseph a teacher. All the children were doing well in school.  They were involved in the church and some of them served on the worship team.

The Department of Social Welfare requested that as many of the children as possible be reunited with their families or go to family members for the school breaks. Seven of our children have been restored to relatives who love them and are now raising them.  Many had someone they could spend time with on breaks, but who were not able to raise them full time.  Some of our children don’t have anyone they know.  They have been with us since they were tiny.

Foster Parents

In July of 2020 the government Social Worker decided that our children could be re-united with extended family members. It was a sad day to see our compound devoid of any children. Because of our love for these children, we committed to continue caring for them.  We care for most of our children that left on different levels as needed.

In 2021 Xorve and William and Lydia were certified as Foster Parents.  They almost immediately received a new baby, Kwabena.  Prosper continued to live with them as he prepared for his national exams and helped with the farm.

Xorve and William occupy the Ocean House and Lydia with Peter and Paul, our twins live in the new bungalow that was just finished.  Peter and Paul have been with us since they were born. Social Welfare evaluates the children and places them in Foster Care. This is a very slow process as these children are processed in the courts first.

Children in the Community

We continue to follow the children that were re integrated with their families. We provide for their schooling, books, uniform, lunches and extra remedial classes if needed.  We have also provided tutors if needed.  Our Social Worker, Fred,  continues to monitor them to make sure they are doing well.

Our Young Adults

Rita is now a qualified seamstress, and we have set her up in her own shop in Sogakope.  The shop has also a small home for her. Joshua has just graduated from Nurses training.  His dream has come true.  This young man worked very hard. His desire is to be an emergency room nurse. Joseph is in his second year of a 4 year degree in teaching.  His desire is to teach Social Studies.  Prosper has just entered a 4 year program in University for Graphic Design.

Where they are now

Justice is completing his final year in Building Construction.  He was one of the students that Sharon helped. Rev Donna has continued to help Justice take remedial classes and resit his national exams.  Justice worked very hard to put himself through. We have helped him from time to time to pay for his school fees. He has worked extremely hard.  He will graduate soon.