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Titian 4From the Director of Titian Ministries International Ghana

Sunday on my way to the Lord’s Pentecostal Church I was greeted by Patience. She recognized me and reminded me that she is one of the trokosi rescued by “Madame Sharon.” I go into the church and am pleased to see that she seats herself in the place where church leaders sit. When I greet the church, I remember how Sharon sTitian 14poke of this church being one who supported her in prayer when she first came to Adidome and in the work with the trokosi. Today Believe, an orphan Sharon helped, came to request assistance. When Sharon was still living in town, she took Believe in and later helped her to get training in batik. Over the months since I have been at the mission in Adidome, I have met many people and seen the traces of Sharon’s work still bearing fruit in people’s lives. There is joy and a general air of celebration when I inform people that we are back and that the work will be revived at the mission.

Even before I moved to Adidome, I received the following verse from Isaiah 58:12 in relation to the work that the Lord wants done.Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”

There was a great and mighty foundation laid in Adidome by our Lord through Rev. Sharon Titian. But the years have passed and life at the mission has slowly died away. Even the fruit trees are not bearing much fruit nor the flowering tree, flowers. However, the Author of Life is still here and He holds out much promise to us about His strong desire for continuing and ever increasing the work.

Our long-range goal in Adidome is to re-establish the full time Bible School and then later to also minister once again to the elderly. In the meantime, we have shorter-term goals and much work to do to establish those. We will have Christian leadership seminars and conferences, start a part-time short-term Bible school, host mission teams and do missionary training, and establish intercessory prayer for the transformation of Adidome, the Volta Region, and all of Ghana.

Pictures from 2011 to trip to Africa 1062My primary duty now and forever while here is to do all I can to make the Lord comfortable to dwell with us on this land and to ever increase His Presence among us. I have heard much about the Lord’s mind for Titian Ministries in Adidome and will share that with you as time goes on.

As far as the work on the ground, I have been and will continue to pour my time into establishing and re-establishing relationships with pastors and other community leaders. We need this backbone of support in order to get cooperation with and participation in our programs. We have been making small improvements to the land and buildings, as funds allow, to bring life back to this place and make it ready for use. We have our first missionary team/missionaries in training since the team from Canada came last year to prepare the bungalow. I will tell you more about them in my next report.


We need your prayer and we need your financial support behind us in this work. We need those who feel a call in their spirit to partner with us in restoration. We need those with a vision for revival of this land. We need those who have tasted of the Lord’s Presence and want to help us provide a place where others can come to know Him more intimately. If this is your heart, we would love for you to become a part of what is already starting to happen!


Rev. Donna Rohrmiller