Changing Lives, Transforming a Nation

Despite the great economic difficulties worldwide, Titian Ministries continues to prosper.  God has faithfully provided for every need that comes our way.  Because of the continues increase in food costs we felt to send $10,000.00 over to build up a storehouse of food for our children and the elderly who are dependent on us.  Thank you to all of you who give so generously from month to month.

The Lord continues to direct our footsteps here in Canada to meet their needs.  He is even directing us in how to farm.  Our farm was not prospering, and we felt to bring in a couple of pastors to pray over the fields.  Shortly after, as Fred said, “the land has been healed”.   What seemed to be dead sprouts in the field began to grow.  We also planted several hundred coconut palms along the ocean wall to protect against the sea salt spray.  It will take a couple of years, but we believe it will be very successful and it will also produce coconuts to be sold at the market.


Our older children are doing well in school.  We have purchased a small shop with a room attached to it for Rita who graduated this year.  This will be her home and her shop. She will soon be starting out in her own business as a seamstress.


Joshua will be entering his third and final year in nurses training.  He has chosen to be surgical nurse.  This young man has flourished in the profession he has longed to be in.  He has worked hard and has pulled off high grades.  As a ministry we are so proud of this son. His twin Joseph is finishing off his first year in Teachers College.  He also loves what he is doing and is blossoming.


In March of this year, we began to give support to Winning Star International School.  The pastor came to us in desperation.  This is part of a church plant that was done about 15 years ago by Titian Ministries. There has been a write up regarding the school in our previous newsletters.  We continue to make progress to bring them up to date to what is required by the Ghana Government.   All of the staff is now being paid.  We have had new desks built for the classrooms.  We still need to purchase desks for some of the teachers as well as some black boards. Updated curriculum and books were purchased. Eventually we need to find a way to protect the children better when it rains.  There are no walls.  It is just a rough shelter.


There are 90 children that are fed lunch daily.  Some can bring a little money for their lunches, but many have no means.  There is great poverty in this area.


We have finished the principle’s office so that they can store their books and equipment.  A computer lab has just been finished. That is a requirement by the Ghana Department of Education.  We were able to purchase 10 desktops, 1 laptop, 5 kiddie laptops, a printer and router.  WE also had desks built locally for the computer lab.


Among our elderly there was a woman who had been put out of her rough shelter.  She had no place to live.  We were able to build a small house for her.   As God provides, we continue to make life easier for those who are in such desperate need.


Our final miracle story is that of Pastor Fred and Blessing who  oversee Winning  Star International School.  In the Spring this year Blessings’ Sister-in-Law died giving birth to twin girls.  No one wanted the twins in the family nor the other 3 children.  Blessing and Pastor Fred who already have 4 children of their own took on the other 5 children and did it with love and joy.  When we shared this news with close friends of the ministry here in Canada, they immediately stepped up to care for the twins monthly.   This included formula, diapers, wipes etc.  They also gave finances to the family for their Christmas presents.  It is amazing to see these children flourish with their new family and God’s provision for them through another family here in Canada.  God you are amazing, and we are so thankful for people who walk as Jesus did here on this earth.