Changing Lives, Transforming a Nation

Dear Friends of Titian Ministries,

“May the blessings of divine grace and supernatural peace that flow from God our wonderful Father, and our Messiah, the Lord Jesus, be upon your lives. [Our] prayers for you are full of praise to God as [we] give Him thanks for you with great joy!” (Philippians 1:2-3 TPT)

We are so grateful to our partners in Canada and the U.S. who make it possible for us to touch so many lives in Ghana. We thank you and pray for you to be blessed through the great mercy and grace of God. Especially concerning us are the ever-increasing food and fuel prices, affected by the world situation and the weak Ghana currency. Since August we have been particularly busy as two different couples came to minister with us.

In August, Dr. Richard and Mrs. Joan Forde spent two weeks ministering in various settings. They have been friends of Titian Ministries for many years, teaching in the Pinecrest Bible Training Center certificate program and later in the Mount Zion Bible College. A highlight of their trip was a two-day conference for pastors and church leaders, entitled “That I May Know Him.” This was the first conference in Adidome since COVID. We were pleased to have about sixty people attend. They also taught our IAM Bible School students. Listening to them teach the class brought me back to my days at Pinecrest. We visited the Winning Star International School, which we support as part of our ministry. They prayed for all the students, staff, and parents. Both Dr. and Mrs. Forde shared a message with our elderly before we distributed the food and then we went to deliver food to a couple of shut-ins.

Michael and Johanna Johnson came for three weeks in September/October. Michael is on the Titian Ministries Board of Directors in Canada and Johanna is the sister of Pastor Gerrie Armaly, our International Chair. They, also, have been in Ghana many times. Mike and Johanna participated in all parts of our ministry. They have a special place in their hearts for our children. Mike and Johanna visited the older twins, Joshua and Joseph, who are in college for nursing and teaching. The younger ones, Peter and Paul, are with one of our foster mothers. They also saw Winning Star International School in session. Classes range from nursery to junior high school. Pastor Fred, the principal of the school and his wife, Blessing, are shown with their 4 children and 5 “new” children. When Blessing’s sister-in-law died during childbirth of the baby twin girls, they were the only ones in the family willing to take the children in. Through generous donations, we have been helping them care for these children. Before leaving, Mike and Johanna witnessed our 5th graduation of the IAM Bible School.