Changing Lives, Transforming a Nation

Dear Friends of Titian Ministries,

Greetings in this New Year for 2022. We pray for the Lord’s favor to be on all who have taken part in our ministry in any way! Great emphasis is put on the New Year in Ghana. Most everyone attends church services to “crossover” into the new year. Starting just before Christmas, many travel to their hometown for the holidays.

First, we had our Christmas celebration with the 50 needy elderly, those we give food to each month. Only one, the smiling handicapped woman in the last picture a part of Rev. Sharon’s original group, is not elderly. We add extras for Christmas in their December package. We have not been meeting as a group yet. As soon as we decided to start again, the numbers of COVID cases went up because of the Omicron. However, for Christmas, we set up canopies outside, followed the recommended precautions, and were able to celebrate together. Because of generous donors, we will increase to serving 56 needy elderly this month!

In Adidome, where we have the IAM Bible School and the outreach for the elderly, we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s together soon after the 1st of the year. The two people next to me are our staff, the others live with them on this compound. The last couple months have been quiet, with staff vacations and a break for the Bible School. Projects were put on hold, the road had to wait for dry season to start. The Bible School resumed Saturday and planning is in progress for the road and school building bathroom. One great concern we have now is for funds to help those who come to us in need. People never recovered financially from the outbreak of COVID and now costs have risen dramatically. They are having trouble with food and medical expenses.


In Anloga, the staff and children from the two foster families celebrated Christmas together with a special lunch and presents. The boys are wearing their Christmas clothes. The girls preferred cloth so they could have a dress made. White is in! There are sparkles and details the photo does not show. The work with the children has continued to be active, especially with those who have matured. I’ll mention some of them below.

Joshua started his second year of nursing college this month. His twin brother Joseph had pursued different interests but came back to work on the farm. His heart is to be a teacher, but he still needed to pass one national exam. He applied to and has just started in a college that will take students in his situation. In addition to the college courses, he will receive tutoring to prepare for the next exam.

Prosper will be taking remedial courses. He needs to improve grades on two exams before moving into his desired field, industrial arts. Rita returned for vacation (no picture). She will finish her specialty seamstress training soon, so we are discussing the next step to move her toward independence.

Kwabena, who is part of our foster family, is a very happy baby, growing very strong! Savior is the son of a young woman, Peace, who used to be one of the children in the children’s home. Savior was born without a rectum. We became aware of this when Peace came to me because she needed help with his medical care. He is now over a year old. There will be a two-part operation required. He was supposed to have the operation a few months ago but seems to get a cold right before it is scheduled. He is now being treated at home for pneumonia. Please pray that he will stay healthy so the operations can be performed.