October News Letter:
The Vision Continues to Unfold

Dear Friends of Titian Ministries

On September 20th Pastor Bonnie Dekold from the LightHouse Faith Centre and I traveled to Ghana to oversee the work of Titian Ministries.   Each year we see more change coming to the Nation of Ghana.  The capital city of Accra is now a modern city with all the major banks, hotels and businesses establishing their headquarters there.  What an amazing change from when Rev. Sharon began to work in Ghana. Traveling out of the city you see “gated communities” being built, gas stations, businesses and factories.  Yet, after driving a couple of hours we are back to the Ghana we are most familiar with, the mud huts, small cement  homes with tin roofs, roadside stands, markets and yes of course the intense heat.
Our visit this time was 1 ½ weeks, filled with board meetings, speaking engagements and assessing the work that needs to be done.

The Bible School.   This term we have 13 students in our school.  Pastor Bonnie and I had the privilege of teaching them. They are very hungry to learn about God’s Word.  Our topic was   Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs. They had many questions for us as seasoned pastors.

We preached in Anloga, New Bapka, and in a small village church in Matsikope.  Pastor Bonnie and I shared the preaching.  Pastor Bonnie also spoke at a Women’s Meeting in Adidome.  This was our third year to hosts this type of a meeting and about 100 women came from many different denominations. The evening ended with prayer for healing and many responded and were touched by the Lord. We also had the privilege of ministering at a women’s meeting in Adaklu.  Here we met 7 women who are called Queen Mothers.  They carry the same status as a Village Chief, but their place is to oversee the women in the villages.  I spoke out of the Book of Ruth God’s Redemption.  Bonnie ministered salvation to them. They were deeply touched and one of the Queen Mothers accepted Jesus into her heart.

Loaves and Fishes Ministries.  The elderly men and women continue to be so grateful for the support they receive.  It is a life line for them.  What a blessing it is to see their smiling faces.  They are so open to what God wants to do and when asked if they needed healing, most raised their hands.  God came with His Presence immediately and many, many were healed.  We now have about 6 young people who come each month to help distribute the food to them. They come with a heart to serve.  It is amazing to see the love they have for these seniors.

Children of Zion.  Our children are all doing well.  They are growing up so quickly.  Rita is in her final year of apprenticeship as a seamstress. Joshua just wrote his exams and we are waiting to hear his results. He is still desiring to be a nurse.  The younger children at the Barracks are doing well.  This summer four children returned home to be with their families. These children came to be with us for a time because their families were unable to care for them.  Titian Ministries will continue to provide for their school supplies, uniforms, books and medical cards.  Pastor Paul, Donna and Gladys our Social Worker will continue to monitor their home situations to make sure they remain in school.

They again blessed us with a presentation in our new fellowship hall.  They recited poetry, scripture and sang songs. Each child was presented with a gift package of new clothes from sponsors in Canada.  The children wrote a thank you note for each of the people who blessed them. We also brought in sheets and towels to build up our supply room.

Pastor/ Leaders Conference in Adidome.  This was the 4th conference Titian Ministries hosted.  I spoke on the office of  Apostles and the Prophets.  They had so many questions regarding how these offices function. Like many African countries, there is much abuse in these  offices to abuse and control the people.   What a privilege to share with them how we are called to serve and build the Body of Christ.

Our Projects. The windows in the Ocean House that were put in when the house was built were all metal  frames.  Because of the sea salt they are deteriorating very quickly.  The frames are splitting,  causing the glass to crack in some of the windows.  We replaced 4 windows with UPVC in 2016.  But we now have to replace all the rest of them.  The cost is $6750.00 Canadian. We have given them the go ahead in faith believing that God’s provision will come in.

We are moving forward with plans to build a bungalow on the Ocean property next Spring.  It’s time to bring the smaller children over to our Ocean property.  The barracks are quickly deteriorating, and we are paying $120 a month plus making any needed repairs.  We will be able to function with 1 bungalow for now.  Below are the specks for the building

Approximately 26 by 28, 728 sq. ft.  At 50$ Can/sq.ft.=36,400$. This is our estimate based on another ministries experience in Africa.  They will have to do final drawings in Ghana to satisfy their code. So far we have raised $19,000.  Please prayerfully consider helping us with raising the funds needed.  We will also need to put in hydro, water and a septic tank.   As always local tradesmen will be hired for the main part of construction.  I hope to take in a building team next September to do the finishing work.

Thank you for your prayers, they are so needed.  Many years ago, Sharon purchased a small piece of land in the town. It is the original site where Adidome was first established. The land and town was dedicated to idolatry and witchcraft. We have started praying there every Sunday afternoon.  Rev. Donna Rohrmiller and about a dozen pastors meet at 4pm to pray for revival in the town.  I was able to join them for one prayer service.  We are all anticipating a great move of God in that region.  Witchcraft and idolatry are slowly being overturned.  Halleluiah.

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and financial support.  We cannot do this without you.  You will have an incredible inheritance in Ghana West Africa.

Dr. Gertruda Armaly
International Director of Titian Ministries International.