Dear Friends of Titian Ministries,

Greetings from Ghana!!! All is well in this ministry and in Ghana, though we are experiencing price increases and inflation like the rest of the world. Our fuel prices have increased twice in the last week. We are learning to quickly buy what we have money for, because tomorrow the price may be higher and/or the package size smaller.

Rita graduated from her specialized seamstress training. She spent a couple years under Esther, the woman who used to train seamstresses for Titian Ministries when Rev. Sharon Titian had a vocational school. Esther’s skills are excellent, and she has now prepared Rita to offer services not all seamstresses are able to do. Rita’s graduation dress is one example. It is a wedding dress with a train that she designed herself. We will soon be helping Rita to open a shop of her own.

Our farm in Anloga is starting to do well. We have had to build up the sand to support crops and find which crops work best so close to the ocean salt breeze. Fred, who manages the work in Anloga, found a company that sells hybrid seed for crops, which they then buy and ship overseas. We did one field of hybrid okra and it did very well, so we have a second field growing now. The farm will be a blessing to the ministry as we can start to seed money into the needs of the foster families. We are excited, however, that there has been unexpected blessing for others. A young man, the one using our new rototiller, works on the farm so now has a steady source of employment. Local women, who have been harvesting the okra, told Fred that the income has provided much needed income for them.

Our 5th class of IAM Bible School students are in their second semester, nearing their graduation. The 7 students are all active in their local churches and are all in leadership positions. Practical experiences of evangelism and outreach are part of the training. They are currently on a 4-day mission trip with the Dean of the school, who sent me this picture. Our mission is to train up leaders who will bring transformation to their churches and localities through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Winning Star International School

Titian Ministries International has a new project, one that has grown out of our ministry. Pastor Fred Bansah, a teacher in our Bible School and a member of our Ghana Board, has a church that was started by students of our previous Bible College. The vision for the church included a Christian children’s school. Pastor Fred started this school a few years ago, but since COVID shutdowns, the school has been struggling. Many children in this village are unable to pay school fees or buy lunch. We are now supporting the teacher’s salaries, but they have many more needs. Please consider if you can help us support this school.

We continue to make improvements in Adidome. Since the last newsletter, the road had to be worked on, which involved a lot. So many of the projects are still ahead of us.