Ghana: April 2021-The Vision Continues to Unfold

Changing Lives, Transforming a Nation

Genesis 26:12 NASB Now Isaac sowed in the land and reaped in the same year a hundred times as much. And the Lord blessed him.

There is so much good news to share with you regarding all that we have been able to accomplish in both Adidome and Anloga.  In the middle of this pandemic, we have continued to make great progress in Ghana.  God has continued to bring in His provision out of His abundant supply and with your generous giving.

Anloga:  As we shared in our January newsletter, our twins Peter and Paul are back with us and are recovering wonderfully.  They are back at school and are gaining weight.  They are so happy to be home again.  We know that they are being wonderfully taken care of by Xhove and William.

Joshua is in nurses college in Keta and is doing well and Prosper is in a boarding school where he is learning graphic design. Rita is still with Esther for another year to learn how to administrate  her own business. We continue to support the children that have gone home to their families in Abozume.  We have provided their uniforms, books, shoes and medical cards.  We are now also providing lunch money for them to help the families.

Our Farming Project is an incredible success story.  Our First Farm has been fully planted with Okra and they hope to harvest in May.  The sprinkler system is working well.  The well for the Second Farm has been drilled and just this month we were able to send over enough money to prepare the ground and put in the irrigation system.  They hope to plant corn in this field/farm.  In time this should help produce finances for that part of the ministry in Anloga.  I feel we are a little bit like Isaac in a time of famine we are sowing and reaping a hundred fold.

We have also continued plastering  ( cementing ) the 9 ft high walls around our property.  The inside walls are all completed now.   We have two walls to complete on the outside.  It costs about $1500.00 a section.  This will protect the blocks from the corrosion of the sea salt. It is so wonderful to see the progress. Our next step will then be to paint the walls and the houses.

Adidome:  Several weeks ago our bungalow was broken into while Donna and Wamunyo were giving out our monthly  food  supply to our elderly folks.  The thieves stole 5000 Ghana Cedis and a computer and phone.  There were several break ins when Rev. Sharron was there, but we have been so blessed not to have any since we took over in 2013.  We have put up two new street lights and have installed a security door with an alarm system at the bungalow. We have also put better locks on the doors of the apartment where Wamunyo and Blessing live above our school.

Because of the break in the police suggested we hire a watchman 24/7.  But instead we have decided to bring ’s family to live on our property. Kosi is our grounds keeper.  Rev Donna felt better having a man on the property on a continuoul basis.  Kosi is married to Georgina and they have two little girls, Juliet and Sandra.  Rev. Donna did not know where they lived before coming to live at the headquarters.  Their living conditions were horrible.  I have included some pictures.  They had no electricity, no windows, no bathroom in this abandoned warehouse.  They are so excited to be in their new home.  Rev. Donna had the bathroom all tiled, the classroom in the second school block all pained and fans installed.   You can see their happy smiles below.  God truly works all things together for good in the end.  The U.S. side of the ministry has also received an offering from some of their supporters  and we are now able to make some major repairs on the school facilities.  There are some very deep cracks in our porch and walls that need to be repaired to keep the buildings solid.

We are grateful for the I AM program that we have currently.  The students are doing well.  But our hope is to provide courses for Bachelors and Masters Degrees now that our charter has been restored through Shalom Bible College and Seminary out of Iowa.  Once this is running every part of the ministry that Rev. Sharon began will have been restored and we have also now stepped into our own vision of farming and foster care.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We could not do this without your prayers and help. If anyone would feel led to help us feed the hungry, you can give online.  The needs are great right now.  It never ceases to amaze me at how God so wonderfully supplies all our needs through His riches in glory.  Thank you.

In Christs Wonderful Service

Dr. Gertruda Armaly

International Director of Titian Ministries International