Dear Family and Friends of Titian Ministries

It is time to celebrate!  The bungalow has been completed, as well as the outdoor kitchen and the garage.  It has been quite a journey to get it all finished, but with the oversight of Pastor Paul Akotey the construction is completed.

On June 30th the fun began of moving the last of our children over from the old rented barracks facility where Rev Sharon Titian had moved them in Anloga. They are now in their new home.    There was lots of excitement as everything was packed up and moved with a truck that had been rented.  Now all our children are on the Titian Ministries Compound.  It is something we have worked towards for many years.

Rev. Donna Rohrmiller has been working with our staff this last week to help set up new schedules for cooking and washing.  The staff has had their own kitchen’s were they were staying.  But now they will be cooking for all of the children at once.  There is some adjusting that must  be done, but they are willing to work together.  At the present time we have four staff members on sight.  They really are a family.

The children have been homeschooled since March and have not been to church because of Covid 19.   They will continue to have their own church service for the time being to protect them.  They are all healthy and for that we thank the Lord.

Our oldest young man, Joshua will be entering nursing school in September if the schools open up.  He has a loving heart and will make a good nurse.   He has been a tremendous help to us as he has been teaching the children for us. They are very willing to learn from him.  It is wonderful to see our children growing up and doing so well.

Thank you for all your prayers and for your generous support to build our new home.  Without you we could not have done this.  May the Lord bless you abundantly!  This bring great glory to the Lord.

Dr. Gertruda Armaly