Ghana 2020 – The Vision Continues to Unfold

Changing Lives, Transforming a Nation

Dear Family and Friends of Titian Ministries – March 18, 2020

This letter is to update you on all that has been happening with the building of our bungalow in Anloga. We have been so blessed because many of you have sown into this project. As of right now the actual bungalow is completed. The windows, doors, ceilings, plumbing and hydro are all in. We are waiting for the Electric Company to hook up our meter box and hydro to the building and then we can be up and running.

Meanwhile we have started building a garage and storage shed for our van. It has to be kept inside because the sea salt which rust it in no time at all. We are also going to build an outside kitchen so that our staff can cook the food together since they are in one location now. Hopefully we will be able to bring our expenses down a little. Please pray that they make an easy transition to work together.

On April 13 I was going to be bringing a team of 5 to paint the bungalow inside, build cupboards and do the finishing work. But because of the Corona Virus we have had to cancel our trip and we will reschedule for September or October. Our team was very disappointed in not being able to go and see both the children and the elderly. They love being there. Some of our team has been there 4 times already.

I ask that you would number one please pray for our Director Donna Rohrmiller, our staff, children and elderly. Please cover them in prayer because they too now have the virus in Ghana. Pray especially for our elderly who fall among the vulnerable sector. They have little or no health care available to them. So Psalm 91 will become a key prayer for them.

Secondly I ask that you continue to support us in this time. We are completely dependent on the finances that we receive from our generous donors. We were able to send finances over for the Month of March and April but now our operating accounts are almost depleted. God has kept us all this time and He will continue to do so.

I have attached a picture of the bungalow as it is right now. We will have to hire painters in to do what our team would have done. The children need to move in as soon as possible. Our rent for the facility that we are renting for them comes due again in June. It is over $2000 for 6 months.

We love and appreciate all of you.

With Gratefulness

Dr. Gertruda Armaly
International Director of Titian Ministries Inc.