Changing Lives, Transforming a Nation

Dear Friends of Titian Ministries,

Praying the Lord’s peace and rest for your soul as we approach the holiday season. May this be a time where He is truly in the centre of all your days!

Our IAM Bible School:

I am happy to report that we will be graduating 12 students this year on November 30th.  It’s been a full year for them as well as for our teachers! The students graduate and move on, but our teachers return to volunteer yet again. Pastor Fred, a graduate of our former Bible College, led the students on their mission trip and outreaches. We were amazed, after their visit to the hospital to pray for patients, that he was called and asked to bring them back every month. In addition to class evangelism exercises, the students also worked personal evangelism into their daily lives. This picture shows them on the mission trip helping a woman wash her clothes. The woman was overwhelmed and they wanted to show their love in a practical way.

Seamstress Graduation:

One of our children has also graduated! Rita went into a seamstress apprenticeship after struggling in junior high school. She took readily to it, and after 3½ years hard work, she graduated. The graduation was a little different for those of us not from Ghana. Her Madam (teacher) put a tape measure around her neck, and then covered her with powder! We came to understand that powder is a symbol of victory, so very appropriate in this setting. Rita will go to learn some finer things from a seamstress who used to work for this mission before she sets out on her own.

Loaves and Fishes:

Our outreach to the elderly in Adidome continues. We feed the body, soul, and spirit of 50 of the neediest elderly in our area. Each month we give them rice, oil (so important to their way of cooking), beans, clothes washing soap, and bathing soap. We have requests to take a few more people, but have limited the number because we do not have a regular source of funding for this program. It has been to our delight that the Lord continues to provide each month. The two young people who work with me participate in the preparation and in the ministry to these our friends. Most of the people come themselves or send someone to pick up the food, but there are a few to whom we deliver the package. The pastor standing with me in the picture on the right is one of our Bible school graduates. N0rmally he delivers the food to this woman.

 Anloga Compound:

One of the most exciting things that has happened is that we were able to start the building of the bungalow we described in the last newsletter. When it is completed, the children will all be living on the same beautiful ocean front property. We are at the roofing level, and have some funds to move ahead. However, if you wish to be part of this, we still need finances to complete the inside, as well as to build and outside kitchen and a garage for the children’s van. A garage is necessary because the salt air from the ocean quickly eats away at the metal.

Adidome Compound:

Our work on this compound is toward our long range vision of re-opening a full-time Bible College, not only where students can come to learn in class, but more importantly, one where they walk away with an intimate knowledge of the Lord for themselves and an understanding of their part in His Kingdom. We envision a college where students who have few resources can become rich in His presence. So when we approach a renovation project, I keep in mind the vision. What seems uninteresting becomes a building block in fulfilling the purposes of God. We need your support! The mission house I live in will host the teachers and visiting teams from abroad. The two school buildings will have classrooms, dorm rooms, and rooms for staff. The whole compound is part of the vision. We recently updated the electricity of the mission house. The projects just ahead of us are replacing two sets of windows that the termites have feasted on and replacing the veranda of the second school block. The windows of our large bedroom will cost $650.00. The windows for the kitchen will cost $375.00. The veranda estimate is $1,600. We would appreciate it if you would consider a donation toward this vision. It is the reason I moved here!

Johanna and Michael Johnson, who just left, came to spend time in Anloga with the children. They were here for here weeks and were able to meet with the children to help update our records.  They went to the market with the ladies to learn to shop the African way.  They met with Madame Faustina from the Regional Social Welfare who expressed great pleasure at the progress that is being made. During their visit they had the privilege of being at Rita’s graduation and then to host a little party for her back at the home.  Michael and Johanna had the opportunity to attend a Ghanaian Wedding and Funeral with Pastor Paul while they were here.  Our children are healthy, well adjusted and doing well in school. We are blessed that so many are working with us in so many ways!

Thank you for all the support you have given Titian Ministries over the last year.  Without your help the bungalow would still just be a dream.  But it is becoming a reality.  I will once again be taking a team to Ghana in April of 2020 to do the painting and finishing work in the new bungalow and then to move our children there. 

I want to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May you have great joy as you spend time with your family over these holidays.

In His Service,

Pastor Donna Rohrmiller
National Director for Ghana,

Dr. Gertruda Armaly
International Director for Titian Ministries Inc.