Changing Lives. Transforming a Nation.

Dear Friends of Titian Ministries

It’s hard to believe that we are in the middle of June already.  I want to give you an update regarding all that is happening in Ghana with the Bible School, elderly and our children.  God is so good to continually provide all that is needed to maintain the different aspects of this ministry.

Our Children:

The children are really growing, the youngest are now 9 years old! Joshua is preparing to retake parts of his national exam so he can qualify for nurses training. Joshua really desires to be a nurse, so he has continued to upgrade his marks.  He is a wonderful young man.  Rita just took her final exam for her sewing apprenticeship and is awaiting the results. We will be planning a small graduation. After that, she will go to study under the seamstress who used to work for the mission’s vocational school to learn some additional skills. Janet, William and Xorve’s oldest daughter just completed high school and took her national exam. Prosper is now in high school. He was placed in a boarding school by the government and so it has required that we pay additional costs for his supplies. He is doing well.

Our IAM Bible School:

We have 13 very excellent students who ask very good questions. This is our third and biggest class so far. We expect them to graduate before the end of the year. Pastor Fred Bansah, a graduate of our Bible School under Rev. Sharon Titian the founder is now a teacher for us. He leads their practical experience of evangelism and outreach. He is training them in prophetic evangelism and will plan a short mission trip with them before they graduate. Many of the students testified as to how the Lord brought them into the school or into the ministry they are currently in – many had been like Jonah, trying to run away from the call of God on their lives. However, the Lord was persistent with them. They are all thankful for the training they have received with us and all of them embrace the truth with gladness.  They had many unbiblical doctrines and practices, which is common in Ghana and they are cleared up.  These students are very hungry for the truth of the Word.  All are active in their churches and several of them are the leaders in branch churches.

Loaves & Fishes:

The elderly continue to be very thankful for the food and soap we give to them monthly. They are always so grateful for the prayer and the message shared with them when we gather. A few send relatives because they are unable to come themselves. We have reduced from 55 to 51 as some of the people have passed away. Though we have a waiting list to fill these spots, we have not brought in new people because the funding for this program is a continues ongoing challenge. The cost to feed the elderly is about $1000.00 a month.  Each month we pray that we will be able to feed them for one more month.  God is so faithful as He continues to move on the hearts of men and women in North America.

Intercessory Prayer for Adidome:

We have a burden for the town of Adidome. The Lord has blessed this mission with the land the town was first founded on. Every Sunday afternoon, a small group of those with this burden meet on this land to pray and to intercede for this town. We believe this is an important part of our mission. Much has changed since Rev. Sharon Titian began praying here over 25 years ago.  Prayer changes things.

Anloga Compound:

Our youngest children are still in the original facility that Rev. Sharon moved them to.  The buildings are now very old and we continue to have many problems with the facility. Last summer the kitchen and part of the fence was destroyed by heavy winds.  This year another part of the fence blew down and had to be repaired.  We have had to replace the metal bars on the windows as well as the screens since there was an attempted break in and one of our young girls was grabbed by the perpetrator.  We rent this facility and are responsible for all the repairs.  So this year we have been fundraising to build a new home on the compound where our older children already live.  We have found a very good mason who has been trained by a Canadian missionary.  Our blueprints have been prepared by an architect and have been approved by the township of Anloga.   Now we are ready to move ahead.  We hope to have it completed by April of 2020 and will bring a large building team in with us to do the finishing work. We are excited about what God.  The bungalow is 1300 sq ft. in size.  So far we have raised $25,000.00 and hope to raise another $25,000.00 to finish the project.

Adidome Compound:

We continue to have a vision to add a full-time Bible school as we had here in the past. We believe this is the Lord’s will and the primary purpose for this campus.  In order to do this, our buildings need to be repaired.  The students who will come will not be able to pay high tuition, but our mission has always been to help those who are impoverished and unable to provide for their own education.  What a privilege it is to raise up strong pastors and leaders with integrity that will change the nation. So far we have updated the electricity in the primary school building but will also need to update it in the bungalow and second school block.  We have had our mason give us an estimate on the veranda of the second school block which has some major cracks in it. We do not want to lose that facility.  The bathrooms need to be upgraded and ceilings put in many of the rooms.  There is much to do, but it will get done as the finances come in.  God is faithful. 

This year I did not bring a building team but brought another woman minister with me.  We again hosted a pastor’s conference in Adidome which was well attended.  Our annual Women’s meeting saw more women come from all different denominations than ever before.   Our ministry to the elderly and the children is always such a joy.  We preached in several churches and saw quite a few healings. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We could not do this without your prayers and help. It never ceases to amaze me at how God so wonderfully supplies all our needs through His riches in glory.  Thank you.

In Christs Wonderful Service

Dr. Gertruda Armaly

International Director of Titian Ministries International.