Once again, we have an incredible praise report of our Father’s faithfulness to this ministry
I watch the Lord’s pleasure as we continue to move forward with each project that the Holy Spirit places on our hearts.

When I was in Ghana last October, Rev Donna was driving us around in a 1999 Honda, and it was no longer safe to be in. We have done many repairs, but it is just breaking down in too many areas. Consequently, Donna has been using public transport which is very tiring and difficult. The vehicles/taxis do not leave until they are over full, and so you might wait for an hour or even two hours. So, I began to call in a better vehicle for Donna. In doing our research we established that a Toyota RAV 4 would be the best vehicle because of its durability, it is fuel efficient and a 4 x 4. Faith must be put into action and so in January, we began to fundraise through “Go Fund Me” on Facebook and through word of mouth.

Through the help of a retired Christian car dealer, we were blessed to find a silver 2012 RAV 4, with very low kilometres, 47,000. WE purchased the car from Strickland’s in Windsor yesterday. At present, we have raised $9494.68. The vehicle cost $14,042.00. We will also need approximately another $5000.00 to ship the car to Ghana, pay the Port taxes, buy the license plates and insurance in Ghana. The car has been beautifully maintained and so it will be a blessing to the ministry for many years.

The reason we bought the vehicle here is that the costs and many of the cars are from North America that have been in accidents or stolen. We wanted a good vehicle that has received a complete safety check. We are sending it with extra tires and filters etc.

So, I write all this to ask you to help us pay off this car. It will be shipped in the next few weeks and so we are believing to be debt free. Thank you for your continuous support. We could not do this without you.

Finally, I am once again taking a team of 6 over in October for another 2 weeks of renovations in both Adidome and Anloga. We try to prioritise what is most needed. Please keep the team in prayer as we go. It is challenging work.