Loaves and Fishes, Adidome

On my last mission trip, I had the privilege of meeting these precious people. They were so open to the gospel and many received physical healing in their bodies. They have been testifying to how much the food program means to them. They greatly appreciate the food, but also the messages and the prayer for healing and deliverance they receive. They express joy about the program and enjoy their time of gathering with us. Last month Pastor Jacob preached out of Acts 4:12. They are not only hungry in the natural, but even more importantly for spiritual food. Many will go home to be with Jesus in the next 10 years or less. What a privilege to see them come into the Father’s Kingdom. One of our women died and so we will be adding another in her place. There are people waiting in the doors as the food is being distributed, asking for food. It is so difficult to have to say “no” knowing that they too have needs and are hungry. Believe with us for an increase in our support base so that we can feed even more of these precious people.

IAM Bible School, Adidome

They have started their second school and it is going well. The impact of the first school was wonderful and we have received good reports from the pastors whose young leaders attended. We now have 8 students. The teachers are predominantly Pastors in the Community who volunteer. One of our teachers is Pastor Fred from New Bakpa. It is a church that was established from the student’s outreaches. Some of our team on the 2007 Mission Trip were on that team. Out of that outreach, the church and ministry was established. ACM supplied the funds and means to establish the church when Rev. Sharron Titian was still alive. She placed Pastor Fred in as the pastor after he graduated from Mount Zion Bible College in Adidome. He is one of the students I had the privilege of teaching at the school. God allowed me to prophecy into his destiny, which today is being fulfilled. I visit this work on each of my trips overseas.. His wife is now also taking the classes. A couple of other students are our carpenter that does much of the work at the Adidome facility and a couple lay pastors from Jacob’s church. We now have 8 students with 2 more who would like to come.

Children of Zion, Anloga

We have worked hard this year to comply with the changes made by the Ghanaian government and still do our best for our children. We are pleased with our results so far. Five of our children have been able to be reunited with various family member

Our happiest success story is little Lisa who is now living with her mother’s sister. Lisa’s auntie picked her up as soon as she laid eyes on her and carried her around as other family members came to see her. They live in a small village and have a family store. After one visit to her aunt, Lisa was delighted to report that she sold some good in the store. We have since visited her and she is attending school and is very happy.

Another outcome to this process is that eight of our children are able to regularly visit relatives on school vacations and two others can occasionally. It is very important for a sense of identity that these children have family contact.

Another change that has finally been implemented since our home was finished at the cost is that our children are now livingin three foster-like family settings. The older children have a Father (William) and a Mother (Xhoveh) while each set of younger children have a mother with one “auntie” living among them. Our eldest girl, Rita, is halfway through her sewing apprenticeship, enjoying it and doing very well. The eldest two boys, Joshua and Joseph, are studying to take an exam, hoping to qualify for college, one to become a nurse and one to become a teacher. They are amazing young men that any parents would be proud of. I believe the Lord is giving us the privilege of setting the destiny of each of these children. In the future there will be many other’s that the Lord will send to us who will impact the nation of Ghana. They will be Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Teachers, Mechanics, Pastors, Nurses and yes even godly Politicians who will change the government of that nation. What a privilege we have to sow into their lives.


Fund Raising for a Car for out Director

I believe it is time that we raise funds for a car for Rev. Donna Rohrmiller. She has been using Rev. Sharron’s old 1999 Honda. It has been in 2 accidents at least and continues to break down. It is unsafe for her to drive as a white woman, and her only other option is to use the tro tro system, making for long exhausting days when she travels from Adidome to Anloga.
So we are looking at purchasing a used Toyota Rav 4, 4X4, which is a must because of the sand and the rainy season. We would buy it in Canada and ship it to Ghana. To buy used in Ghana is to buy more problems.
Please be in prayer with us for the finances and for a God Deal.


Dr. Gertruda Armaly
International Director of Titian Ministries.