It is such a privilege to be able to develop the work that Rev. Sharon started so many years ago. This faithful servant gave her life to establish this incredible ministry in Adidome West Africa. Each time I read the history of how it all began, I stand amazed at what God has done and is now doing with the second generation. Rev. Sharon laid the foundation, and we have the privilege of building the superstructure on that foundation.

When I stepped into the position as international director for this ministry, I did not understand the scope of what God would do, but I stepped in by faith and took the hand of the one who had helped me build Antioch Christian Ministries.

Since we were in Adidome and Anloga last October, we have seen much progress in the work. On Nov 14, 2016 the first “I AM” Bible School class opened up and 10 students registered. Rev Donna Rohrmiller built relationships with leaders and pastors in the Adidome area and many are now supporting this part of the work by being teachers and some have become students. This October when I return we will be celebrating our first graduation.

Rev. Sharon also had a feeding program for the elderly in the Adidome area. It was called “Loaves and Fishes”. On Dec 28th 2015 we saw another step in the process of restoration and the leadership got to sees the joy on the faces of the elderly who remembered all that Rev Sharon did for them in years past. We are now able to support 50 elderly men and women with food gifts on a monthly basis as they come for some fellowship and the word of God. In time as the Lord permits we will finish the centre that was started for them so long ago.

In October a team of 6 will once again go to Ghana. This time our purpose is to finish the “Foster Home” on the ocean in Anloga. Rev. Sharon had such wonderful plans for that property and for the children and we have now have the privilege of seeing it completed.

Since our last visit in Oct of 2015, we have been able to bring the electric to the house and along the way have provided electricity to different families. The wires and poles had to be brought from two blocks away. We have connected the electricity to the panel box inside the house.

Next we had the septic tank built to service the home. We got it in before the rainy season began. Pastor Paul has done a great job of finding the right men to do the work and has given good oversight to the project so that the work is done well and in a timely fashion. The plumbing for the septic has now been connected to the house. We also had the water lines brought to the house. God is so faithful to provide all the needed finances to do this work.

Because of need we also decided to add on bedroom and bathroom downstairs in the main meeting room. There was ample room to be able to do this and it will allow our older young men to live there. The windows have been changed and fully replaced for the bathroom and the bedroom. We also replaced several windows in the house that were broken and corroded from the salty air.

Next we put in all the ceilings upstairs in preparation for the team that will come in. Our hope is to finish the upstairs completely in two weeks so that Xhove and William will be able to move into the house by the third week of October. We plan to put in cupboards and a sink in the kitchen. All the plumbing, toilets and sinks in 3 bathrooms. We will need to hang doors and build shelves in bedrooms. Light fixtures will need to be put up as well as switch plates etc. on the walls. Our final job will be to paint the facility inside. So we covet your prayers because that is a lot of hard work in two short weeks. The team that will be going with me is amazing. We will have 2 carpenters, 1 retired plumber, and several very hard workers who will clean and paint.

A few days ago, someone who had just received an inheritance came to me and placed $9000 in my hands to complete the wall around the approximate 5 acres. The wall at present is 6 blocks high and the gates are all on, so the only thing left is to bring it to the required height for safety. God is so very faithful, as I had been asking Him for the provision for this. Now the children will be safe and not able to wander off the property towards the ocean.

In order to finish the work, the team going to Ghana will be hosting a fundraising dinner on September the 10th in Amherstburg Ontario. We will be having a silent auction, and a draw. I will be doing a presentation to raise funds for the ongoing cost of running this ministry.
We will need to raise another $15,000.00 to complete this stage of the work. But our God has been faithful to provide all that is needed so far and so this too will be accomplished. We give HIM all the glory.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Without all of your prayers and financial support this would not be possible.

Dr. Gerrie Armaly
International Chair for Titian Ministries