Loaves and Fishes

December 28th was another step in our process of restoration. And what joy I saw on the faces in front of me! They had not heard from Titian Ministries for years and now they were here again, anticipating the Christmas gifts they were going to receive.

Over the span of an hour, people came by motor bike, shared taxi, on foot, with the help of a younger person, and hobbling on canes. Many of the people were those who had been part of the daily soup kitchen meal served for years under this ministry. I even recognized some from way back in 2005.

Madame Comfort, from the District Department of Social Welfare, compiled a list of those who had been part of the soup kitchen and additional elderly who were in similar need. We gave out 49 gifts of food, consisting of rice, oil, and a can of sardines. We added a soda in celebration of Christmas. It was also our opportunity to share the love of Christ with them through the Word and prayer. As the people left, we drove a few to their homes. They had struggled to get there and seeing them, I was not sure how they could manage to walk the distance back to town with their packages.

We hope to give similar gifts regularly throughout the year to supplement their diet. We are also considering adding a few other items, such as soap with which to wash clothes and bathe. We are grateful to those who sponsored this blessing!

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