One Step at a Time, Ministry Updates

In March of 2015 the Social Welfare Department made a surprise visit and threatened to close the ministry down because of the poor conditions that the children were living in. Because the facility is not ours, we did not want to put money into it. Our heart is to get the new facility done. But we did recognize the need to get the bunk beds built. While we were there on our visit in September we also saw that the children did not even have tables to eat on. So we had 3 tables, 3 benches and 11 bunk beds built. We put in a clothes line also and purchased 13 mattresses. Social Welfare asked that we fix the doors, paint the rooms and fix the screens to protect them against the mosquitoes that give them malaria. I have included pictures of before and after. Workers were hired by Pastor Paul and they did an amazing job to get this all done.

I put out a plea for finances and over 7 thousand dollars came in for this project. We are so grateful for the immediate, generous response that came in from so many supporters.

The beds and tables were built, the doors fixed, rooms painted, ceilings fixed, screens replaced, and the outside painted.

Pastor Paul and Bless went to Kumasi for a three day conference to learn how to properly oversee a children’s home and to learn how to keep proper records.  In the past this was all done by Rev. Sharon Titian herself.

Gladys Nufesa is a Board Member for Children of Zion, but is also a fully qualified Social Worker. She has been going to Anloga to do the much-required record keeping for each child that is under our care. So little by little the work is being brought up to the standards that are required. I believe all of us who are involved with these children, want them to recognize that their heavenly Father loves them and wants the very best for them.

In Dec of 2014 we also began to build the much-needed cement block fence around our ocean front facility. Because the property lay dormant for about 3 years, neighbors had begun to encroach on the land. They were actually starting to bring cement blocks on to our land to build a house. Because of this  we began the process of building parts of the wall to protect our land and to clearly mark the boundaries of the property. Since then the wall has been completed all the way around the 5 acre property, up to six blocks high. We still need to put another 3 rows on to complete it and have a proper gate made. But God has been faithful to provide all we have done so far. Thank you to all those who continue to faithfully support this ministry and to pray for it.

With gratefulness
Dr. Gerrie Armaly
Chair of Titian Ministries International Board