Once Again His Success Story!

On Sept 27, 2015  Pastor Michael and Johanna Johnson, Joy Presland and myself

[Pastor Gerrie Armaly] left from Detroit Metro Airport on our long journey to Ghana West Africa.  We all arrived safely, but some of our suitcases didn’t. They eventually caught up with us, a little damaged, but with contents intact! All part of the package when you travel!

On our first day in Accra we had several important stops to make.DSCN6150  Our first visit was with the Irani Flour Company that has been providing the Children’s Home with flour for many years already.  We shared with them about Sharon’s death and then thanked them for their years of blessing us. They agreed to continue to provide for the children as long as they were able to.  God is good because this is a Ghanaian business helping to take care of their own Ghanaian children.

Our next stop was with the ministries lawyer,  Mr. John Senoo who has been serving us for many years.  I as the director was able to thank him personally and also give him a much deserved financial blessing.  This certainly is God’s blessings to us because he worked with Madame Sharon all those years and  is familiar with the history of the ministry.  DSCN6162

Our team then went to meet with Romana Testa who also oversees an orphanage in Accra. She was a very good friend of Madame Sharon .  We found her to be full of wisdom regarding the running of children’s homes and she will be a wonderful source of help as we move forward in building and establish our new home at the ocean.

After a very lovely but late supper, we traveled  the 3 hours to Adidome.  The next day we drove to Ho to meet another Canadian couple that oversee a House of Prayer and also have a Pineapple farm.  What a wonderful fun filled day with laughter, good food and much sharing about God’s Kingdom.  Of course when you speak about the Holy Spirit, he shows up and He did in our midst.DSCN6309

We had much to do in Adidome  from having our Annual Board Meeting with Titian Ministries, meeting new staff and pastors from the city of Adidome.

God had another wonderful surprise for us as Sharon’s  now grown children [former orphans] came home to be with us.  As we shared supper together, Sharon’s bungalow  was filled with laughter as William, Jacob, Gladys, Fred, Stanley and Aurelia sat around the dining room table.  They were filled with delight like children to be together again after all of these years of separation.  These young adults with children of their own are the fruit of Sharon’s hard work!DSCN6511

During our week there, we hosted our first pastors and leaders conference  in the Bible School.  I  taught in that classroom nine years ago for Sharon.  So many memories came flooding back in.  Amazingly about 40 pastors and leaders showed up from the Adidome area.   The conference was a tremendous success as we shared on the love of the Father in our lives, marriages, and relationships.  Pastor Daniel and Pastor Jacob were our translators.  It was a tremendous success.  Ten students signed up for the school and seven pastors agreed to help Rev. Donna with the teaching of the courses. So the I AM bible school will open this November.   Restoration is happening everywhere.

On Sunday we drove to a village called New Bapka, and Pastor Fred’s church.  This church was begun by the students from Sharon’s Bible School.  Here we had wonderful fellowship with the people,  Pastor Fred and his wife and family.  Pastor Fred was a student in Sharon’s Bible School when I taught there and I prophesied over him about the changes that God was about to bring into his life.  I spoke of a new work and the move he would make with his family.  Nine years later, I am privileged to preach in his church.  He is a man with incredible vision for the lost and the poor in that area.  I expect to see great progress in that work the next time I visit Ghana. 

On Monday we drove to Anloga to see our children at the Mount Zion Children’s Home, our new facility on the beach and the work that has been done there. We ministered at the Conference that was being hosted by Pastor Paul Akotey and Mount Sinai Church.  Here again we held our annual business meeting for Children of Zion.

Tuesday morning we drove to the home on the ocean which now has a fence around it.  Yeah God!!  We finally got in to see the upstairs and found out it is finished a lot further than we thought;  with tiled bathrooms and rough plumbing and electrical in place.  The local town water has been brought to our property line and they are in the process of putting in the pillars and gates to close off the property.  Four wooden doors were installed in the house and several windows repaired.  The next step is to apply for our building permit so we can start laying the foundation for the boy’s wing.  The girls will move into the upstairs of the house when it is ready.  Our plan is to bring a building team over next September to do the finishing work and then move our children into their new home.  That will be an exciting day for all of us.

We were privileged to speak on Jubilee Radio Station and at the Conference.  The topic chosen was Grace.  Friday we hosted a pastors and leaders session and many came and were extremely blessed by the teaching, ministry and of course lunch!

DSCN7425On Saturday we celebrated an early Christmas with our children.  There was so much excitement and fun as they each received a new outfit, school supplies, and candy.  A wonderful meal was prepared for them.  All of them had pop and a yogurt bar [they had never had one]!  We gave them two soccer balls.  They were so excited to use them.  Finally we prayed over all of them for healing because of the rejection they have experienced.  After many goodbye’s we finally left and made our way back to Accra to catch our plane the next day.  But God had one more project we had to complete.  God led us to a Ghanaian man who spent 10 years of his life in Edmonton Alberta, and now has a company that produces playground equipmentDSCN7504 . We were able to purchase a beautiful swing, slide and monkey bar set, as well as a merry go round.  Then the man sowed a blow up jumping castle into our children. This was the  second business sowing into Ghana’s children.  God is so good!

To all of you who have so generously given to this ministry, I want to thank you.  This could not go forward without your support.  I believe the Lord has given me a vision to see sons and daughters raised up in Ghana who will become powerful influences for the Kingdom of God .  I believe the Father wants these children to know that they are not orphans but His precious sons and daughters.  So with His grace and blessing we continue to build for the sake of His Children.DSCN6192



Dr. Gerrie Armaly

International Director for Titian Ministries Inc.