Third Ministry Trip Highlights: Michael and Johanna Johnson

//Third Ministry Trip Highlights: Michael and Johanna Johnson

Third Ministry Trip Highlights: Michael and Johanna Johnson

Third Ministry Trip Highlights: Michael and Johanna Johnson

Michael and Johanna Johnson visited Titian Ministries in Ghana for three weeks from late February to March 2014. It was their 3rd trip to Ghana in two years. During their stay, Pastor Paul Akotey of Angola was host to them and they were able to visit the children. Pastor Paul is the present director of Children of Zion Ministries in Anloga, Ghana.

The couple presented each child with their own towel. All of the children were very excited to receive these new gifts. Remarkably, when Michael and Johanna met with Faustine of Social Services, it was asked if the children each had their own towels. How amazing is our God to tell Michael and Johanna to buy towels in Fort Saskatchewan and bring them there for all the children! They also gave them candy and a soccer ball. They had fun with this and loved to play together.

While in Adidome, Michael and Johanna saw Sharon’s Bungalow and the classroom facilities and dorms. It is in need of repairs and structural work. It was a good opportunity for them to see what can be done when a work team is sent in the fall (2014). It will be a great experience for the team to be a part of the rebuilding process.

While in Accra, Michael and Johanna met with Reverend Donna Rohrmiller. Reverend Donna has stepped into the position of Director of the Bible School for Titian Ministries International Ghana. She had been in Sunyani, Ghana for the last ten years working as the director of IAM “International Accelerated Missions”. Before Donna became the director of “IAM”, she had worked with Sharon extensively. Donna actually oversaw the ministry when Sharon came back to North America. Michael and Johanna spent a week with Donna to get to know her and for all of them to become more familiar with the whole scope of Titian Ministries.

Also, in Accra, they were able to activate the Titian Missions International Ghana bank account. This account had been frozen since Sharon’s death, over two years ago. This was vital because the account will be needed to continue to send the much needed funds for Children of Zion Ministries and then in the fall to equip the Bible School. Michael and Johanna also met with Faustine at the Ghana Social Service office on two different occasions. Again God intervened using them to keep the Children’s Homes open. Slowly all of the official paper work is getting caught up. They also met with different people that where once on the Board for Children of Zion Ministries to renew some of their involvement with the ministry. So they accomplished much on this trip.

Michael and Johanna enjoyed their visit and are excited to return again soon. Their experience there has given them a greater understanding of the ministry. They are expecting God to continually pour His love into the people of Ghana.

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