In Sept of 2014 a team of 7 went to Ghana West Africa from Antioch Christian Ministries to restore Sharon’s Bungalow in Adidome, which had been empty for 5 years. It was dirty, filled with mold, much dust and lizard droppings. In North America it is mice droppings, there it is lizard droppings!!! The temperatures where very hot and humid, but the team worked hard from 6:30am to sometimes 8:00pm to clean and repaint the facility. Windows were washed, screens replaced, repairs made to the roof and eavestroughs. The kitchen counter was replaced. Curtains, towels and bedding were washed, furniture scrubbed down and placed in the facility again.

We were able to purchase a new propane stove, two cylinders of gas, a new fridge and a generator for the bungalow. A great big thank you goes to the people at Antioch Christian Ministries who had a fundraiser, a toonie drive which brought in over $7000.00. Other individuals from outside the church also sowed generously into this trip. We are so grateful because we were able to accomplish all that we set out to do. With this money all the supplies were purchased to paint and replace screens etc. We were also able to pay off the fence that was built around the compound where the children presently live.

William graciously drove us around and Martha

[pastor Paul’s wife], Comfort and Felicia stayed with us and cooked for us. We are so grateful because all our energy was able to go into cleaning. William learned to put up screens with the men. He loved using a staple gun. It was also William and Jacob who killed the green mambo snake [deadly poisonous snake] when it made its way through a hole in the screen onto the counter in the kitchen. It could easily have bitten Felicia as she had just walked over to the counter with little Eli in her arms. God protected us and the men were very brave.

Rev. Donna Rohrmiller and I worked on the Constitution and By-Laws for both Titian Ministries International and Children of Zion. We officially held our first board meeting for Titian Ministries at the bungalow. The Board for Titian Ministries consists of all former students of Sharon’s, as well as Rev. Donna Rohrmiller and myself, Dr. Gerrie Armaly. What a testimony to Sharon’s hard work as we sat with these young adults around the table.

There were many letters to be written for the government to re-establish the status of both ministries in Ghana. The status of being a Non Governmental Agency NGO in Ghana had lapsed for both ministries. We are still in the process of re applying with all the needed paperwork. As in Canada, Ghana also has requirements for charities in their nation.

While in Adidome, Donna and I had the privilege of meeting with the Chief of Adidome, Tobi, and God gave us great favour with this man. We had brought him a gift from our First Nations People here in Canada, a necklace with a buffalo on it. Tobi was completely overwhelmed by the gift, because it turns out that the buffalo is the emblem of their tribe. Only God could have known that. We also brought him the usual monetary gift that is expected in Ghana. Adidome has prospered greatly in the last five years and is now orderly with paved roads, new plazas, government buildings, agricultural buildings, police station and a new fire department. All of the prayers over the years for that region has turned into blessings. Thank you Sharon for your faithful intercession for Adidome.

The second amazing visit was from the District Chief Executive of Adidoma region, Honorable Mary Theodora Agbenyenu. She came to the house when she heard we were there. She carries an incredible burden for the young girls of Adidome. The next morning we went to her office

and she had all of the key leaders of Adidome there to meet with us. What an honor. The press was there to take pictures. I believe that we will be working much together. God has placed great favor on our lives.

Next we traveled to Anloga, which is about 2 ½ hours to the coast, to meet our 34 children. The younger children are in the still in the barracks where Sharon had moved them. Unfortunately it is a dark and dirty place. Most of them are sleeping on mats on the floor and they did not even have sheets or towels. We were able to provide all of the bedding etc. We also provided clothing for the children. Again I have to thank the congregation at ACM who provided the new clothing for each of the children. It was like Christmas for them and they laughed and rejoiced with each other in the gifts they had received.

The older children because of government standards are in another location. We rent a home for William and Xhove and these children. The children that live with William and Xhove are wonderful, healthy and well adjusted. It is a foster home setting. William and Xhove have 3 children of their own, plus 7 from Children of Zion. Our hope is to complete the home on the ocean as soon as possible and move the children in. Since our trip to Ghana, we have built part of the fence around the property to stop people from encroaching on our property. Our vision is to keep moving forward because God does want to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory and He uses faithful people like you and I to do. He loves the widows and the orphans and we can’t ever forget that.

Dr. Gerrie Armaly

International Director for Titian Ministries International.

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