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Pastor Mike and Johanna Johnson

Titian Ministries is very grateful to the Lord that He has called Pastor Mike Johnson and his wife Johanna Johnson from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta to join the work in Ghana in 2013.

Johanna is a registered nurse and my sister. Pastor Mike Johnson assists in a church in Fort Saskatchewan and is by trade an electrician.  He is a man who is gifted in many facets of building, including plumbing, carpentry, and electrical.  God is so faithful.  We hope, in time, to send work teams to finish the facility in Anloga.

Pastor Mike and Joanne loved their experience in Ghana. They met with Pastor Paul, all of his staff, and many of the children there.  “Pastor Paul’s staff are a pleasure to be around. They love the Lord. They were very helpful to us when we were there. They showed us a great deal of respect at all times. We were able to go to the children’s Sunday school classes. The children had their pictures taken with us. When three-year-old twins Peter and Paul were on our laps they seemed to want to stay there for longer than they had time to. I think that they miss Sharon very much,” said Pastor Mike Johnson.

They also went around the area with Pastor Paul to see how cassava (a staple food) is grown and harvested. They stopped at a place where women were preparing the cassava to be ground up at the mill.  Mike and Johanna visited the facility in Adidome, which is being maintained by John, who has been Sharon’s friend and prayer partner from the time of her arrival in Ghana.  The facility is in need of much repair as it has been empty now close to five years.

Pastor Mike and Johanna went to Ghana for the second time this April. They spent a month with Pastor Paul Akotey. They are pleased that the children are being well taken care of and things are very orderly. Johanna contacted me to let me know there was a need for clothing and bedding.  Pastor Paul, Mike and Johanna made a trip to Accra to purchase the much-needed sheets for the children’s beds.  They also brought in with them from Canada the much-needed underclothes, shirts and pyjamas.