Introducing Our New Director

//Introducing Our New Director

Introducing Our New Director

Introducing Our New Director

How faithful our God is. Since taking over the Chair position of the Board of Directors for Titian Ministries International I have been asking the Lord for the key people needed to oversee the different aspects of this ministry. God is using Pastor Paul Akotey and Pastor Michael and Johanna Johnson with the Children of Zion side of the ministry and the children that we have been blessed with by the Lord. Now God has brought to us Rev. Donna Rohrmiller to be the Director of the Bible School in Adidome. The Bible School was a crucial part of Sharon’s vision. How faithful God is as we see the accomplishments of this woman who served under Sharon and took on a similar vision. Thank you Lord that you have every part of this ministry already planned. So let me introduce you to Rev. Donna Rohrmiller.

Rev. Donna Rohrmiller was a nurse until going to Pinecrest Bible Training Center in 2002. It was at Pinecrest that Donna met Rev. Sharon Titian, who came to testify to the students about the Lord’s work through her ministry in Ghana. Donna did her Pinecrest internship with Sharon in Adidome, Ghana in 2004 at the time the orphanage was being developed. It was during this trip that Donna recognized the call on her life to be a missionary. She hoped to return to Ghana after completing her studies at Pinecrest. However, the Lord had His own ideas; and Donna was back in Ghana at the beginning of February 2005 to watch over the mission while Sharon travelled to Canada. She stayed for most of 2005 to help with the children and the Bible school after Sharon returned. Donna then completed her Bible school training and was ordained at Pinecrest in 2006.

Ghana called Donna again and in July 2006 she moved there as the Ambassador for International Accelerated Missions (IAM). Donna’s work with IAM reflects the influence of her early days in Ghana with Sharon Titian. Donna established IAM as an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Ghana.

The NGO has three objectives: ministry, education, and assistance for the needy elderly. Under the ministry objective, there are nine IAM Bible Schools that Donna oversees, one of which she is the Director. Periodically, seminars are held for pastors and leaders, for the IAM Bible school directors and teachers, and for the IAM graduates. The educational objective has been undertaken mainly through scholarships to needy students. This is especially important for senior high school education, which is not free in Ghana. Educational projects also include the provision of uniforms to needy students in a village and the opening of a children’s library in another village. To assist the needy elderly, Donna helped to establish a weekly meal in one town. This project is now being run by a Ghanaian pastor. Upon the advice of the Ghana Social Welfare Department, the focus on the elderly has changed to purchasing national health insurance for the needy elderly in two villages. In addition, the NGO built a small village home for a woman, whose deteriorating house was destroyed in a storm.

Donna has been involved in mentoring and raising up sons in the Lord. Two are NGO board members along with her. As Donna transitions, one of them will take on much of the responsibility for the IAM NGO work and for the directorship of the Bible School. Donna will then be free to return to Adidome and support the work that gave her a start in ministry.

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