God Provides Missionary Workers

//God Provides Missionary Workers

God Provides Missionary Workers

God Provides Missionary Workers

God’s provision comes in many ways. One way is through the efforts of visiting mission teams.

Jon and Rebecca Carella have been friends since Bible school. I spent the first quarter of my third year in Adidome working with Rev. Sharon for my internship. When I returned to Bible school, Jon, who was in my class, with a big grin on his face told me, that he was going to get married. When Rebecca joined the school that year, it was love at first sight. They married at the end of that school year, and just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in Ghana in June 2015.

Jon and Rebecca have supported my missionary work for a long time. Both have previous experience with short-term missions. When I informed people in my newsletter that I would be working with Titian Ministries, I heard from them almost immediately. They both had heard Rev. Sharon speak at our Bible school and sensed they were to help reestablish the work. The “picture” they got was of Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ hands during a battle (Exodus 17). They planned to come as soon as I moved to Adidome in October 2014. I was hesitant since I was not yet established, however they were sure and already had a doctor’s appointment to get their vaccinations. In 2014 they were here for six weeks and then returned for five months in 2015! When the Carellas were about to come in 2015, the Lord brought to mind that Titian Ministries International in Adidome was a place where missionaries, myself included, got their start. It became apparent that the Lord’s agenda was to make this mission a training ground once again.

Jon and Rebecca describe their ministry as the “ministry of helps.” And HELP they did, with ANY sort of thing that needed to be done. When they were here in 2014, among other things, they cleaned and painted the apartment under the house and the main classroom. In 2015, they continued to paint, both the large bedroom in the bungalow and a number of rooms in the school building. They sorted through clutter inside and outside, disposing of things no longer useful and keeping the treasures. The grounds look so much better because of the numerous days they raked leaves. Burning the rubbish and brush was one of Jon’s favorite pastimes. J Rebecca put a big smile on my face when she cooked some American dishes, and even by baking rolls and brownies! Rebecca has a real gift with children. She spent every other Saturday at Children of Zion playing with the children. When we discovered toys in storage, she and Jon cleaned them so they could be brought out during her visits. Jon also helped with the bookkeeping for the home.

We are so grateful to the Carellas and to the Lord for all that was accomplished during their time in Ghana.

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