Ghana 2017-The Vision Continues to Unfold

//Ghana 2017-The Vision Continues to Unfold

Ghana 2017-The Vision Continues to Unfold

With much satisfaction, we celebrate another successful mission trip.  On Oct 10th a team of 7 drove to Toronto Pearson International Airport loaded down with many suitcases filled with supplies, tools, food and gifts of clothing.  The team went to Titian Ministries in Adidome and Children of Zion in Anloga to spend time with the children, minister to the elderly and our Bible School students, to speak at different conferences and churches and to hold our annual Titian and Children of Zion Board meetings.  Repairs and renovations were made on both facilities.

Our main project this year in Adidome was to restore the apartment downstairs in our headquarters.  The men began by fixing our water problems in the downstairs apartment and also on the road leading into the property.  The cement pad that was broken up made a good base for the very muddy road.  Then a truck load of gravel solved the problem in the worst part of the road.  Later in the week they built kitchen cupboards, installed a sink, hung new doors and finally put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. As the projected neared completion, I could see the many visitors that would come and stay in this apartment.  Leaders come to teach at our Conferences and Bible School. Some missionaries will come to stay for longer periods of time and this will give them an onsite apartment with space of their own.

I could see a bright sunny apartment where pastors who are experiencing burnout could come and spend time and wait on the Lord.

The team of Rene Caza, Murray Curtis and Dave Curtis poured their love into restoring this whole area.   It was a huge undertaking, but it was done with joy and love. These men took time to mentor Joshua, William and another young man in the many skills they carry.  What an opportunity to bring a father’s love to these young men.  They came to serve the people of Ghana and gave to them with their whole heart.  At supper time, there were always extra people at our table and many stories were told about the challenges of the day, often with a lot of laughter.

While the team worked hard on the home front, Pastors Donna, Joy and Gerrie ministered in churches and conferences.  This was a year of breakthrough with new connections and friends.   Pastor Donna Rohrmiller has joined a fellowship of Pastors in Adidome.  For the first time God revealed the incredible vision He has for Pastors and Leaders in Adidome to work together to see revival come to their area. The conference was attended by about 75 pastors and leaders from many denominations.  They were so open to the teachings and hungry for a move of God in their area.  The seeds of intercession that went into the soil for years are now beginning to bear fruit.

Our annual business meeting was held for Titian Ministries and Children of Zion and the team of Pastors and Board members continued to celebrate the goodness of the Lord in all that is being done to move forward with the vision of both the Bible School and the Children’s home.

The current short -term Bible school has a group of very serious students who made teaching easy and a joy.   While in Ghana,  God opened a door for me to meet Reverend Samuel Dunya and his wife Jonhild of “Globserve Ministries” in Accra. Their ministry includes planting Churches, Pastors Training, Missionary Sending, Women Empowerment, Free Medical Outreaches and drilling fresh water wells. They have two Bible Schools, one in Accra and one in Northern Ghana. Their beginnings go back to Adidome and our founder Sharon Titian whom they knew well.  It amazes me how God continues to restore relationships that were established so long ago.

On the second Friday the team went to minister to our elderly folks.  What a joy it is to see them growing in the Lord.  They were so open to receive ministry for healing. During the praise time, Joshua one of our students got up to play the drums. To our amazement our elderly folks got up and began to dance all around the church.  What a beautiful sight to see their great joy! We had the privilege of distributing their food to them.  One elderly man needed his roof fixed on his little tin shack.  We were able to provide some finances to improve his living conditions.  In another case, Social Welfare asked us to provide food for an elderly gentleman who was dying from starvation.  He is slowly recovering.  This ministry is having a huge impact even on the government officials in the area who just don’t have the means to help these people.

We then moved the team to Anloga and to our Children’s Home. The children are all doing well physically, emotionally and academically.  Their grades have increased tremendously.  We have two young women on staff who are helping them with their studies at night and it is showing in their grades.  Xhove and William are expecting their fourth child, a boy in December and it was wonderful to see the older girls helping her with the cooking and the care of the house.

On Saturday we had a time of fellowship with all the staff and the children.  It was wonderful to see the children so happy as they opened their gifts and then showed them to each other. They were so interested and joyful to see what the other person got.  Because we want them to remain grateful for what they receive, we gave them a photograph of the family that bought the gift of clothing and they wrote a thank you note to them. We were celebrated with a performance of poetry and scripture recital. As well they sang and danced for us. They were amazing.

The downstairs of the Ocean House was completed with a much needed storage room, study hall  and fellowship room this year. What an amazing place this will be for our children to play in during rainy season and to have a place to be creative.

The men hung doors, built shelves in a storage room.  Dave built a table for Xhove who was cooking over a stove trying to sit on the floor.  I can’t even imagine a Canadian Woman doing that.  They have learned to make the best of their difficult situations. As you can see, we worked hard, and accomplished much.  We were able to bring Canadian love and hugs wherever we went and in the end we returned home, very tired but deeply satisfied.

Please pray for the release of the new car from the port. No we don’t have it yet! One person whose car is in the same container as ours has not paid his duty and port taxes and so they will not release our vehicle either. Thank you for your ongoing support of this ministry.  Without your help we cannot move forward with the vision.  Our hope is to build two bungalows next year that will house the rest of our children.  One for boys and one for girls.  They will then all be on our ocean property.

Rev. G Armaly
International Chair of Titian Ministries International.

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