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Ghana 2017-The Vision Continues to Unfold

With much satisfaction, we celebrate another successful mission trip.  On Oct 10th a team of 7 drove to Toronto Pearson International Airport loaded down with many suitcases filled with supplies, tools, food and gifts of clothing.  The team went to Titian Ministries in Adidome and Children of Zion in Anloga to spend time with the children, minister to the elderly and our Bible School students, to speak at different conferences and churches and to hold our annual Titian and Children of Zion Board meetings.  Repairs and renovations were made on both facilities. Our main project this year in Adidome was to restore the apartment downstairs in our headquarters.  The men began by fixing our water problems in the downstairs apartment and also on the road leading into the property.  The cement pad that was broken up made a good base for the very muddy road.  Then a truck load of gravel solved the problem in the worst part of the road.  Later in the week they built kitchen cupboards, installed a sink, hung new doors and finally put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. As the projected neared completion, I could see the many visitors that would come and stay in this apartment.  Leaders come to teach at our Conferences and Bible School. Some missionaries will come to stay for longer periods of time and this will give them an onsite apartment with space of their own. I could see a bright sunny apartment where pastors who are experiencing burnout could come and spend time and wait on the Lord. The team of Rene Caza, Murray Curtis and Dave Curtis poured their love into restoring this whole area.   It was a huge undertaking, [...]

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Vehicle Update

Once again, we have an incredible praise report of our Father’s faithfulness to this ministry I watch the Lord’s pleasure as we continue to move forward with each project that the Holy Spirit places on our hearts. When I was in Ghana last October, Rev Donna was driving us around in a 1999 Honda, and it was no longer safe to be in. We have done many repairs, but it is just breaking down in too many areas. Consequently, Donna has been using public transport which is very tiring and difficult. The vehicles/taxis do not leave until they are over full, and so you might wait for an hour or even two hours. So, I began to call in a better vehicle for Donna. In doing our research we established that a Toyota RAV 4 would be the best vehicle because of its durability, it is fuel efficient and a 4 x 4. Faith must be put into action and so in January, we began to fundraise through “Go Fund Me” on Facebook and through word of mouth. Through the help of a retired Christian car dealer, we were blessed to find a silver 2012 RAV 4, with very low kilometres, 47,000. WE purchased the car from Strickland’s in Windsor yesterday. At present, we have raised $9494.68. The vehicle cost $14,042.00. We will also need approximately another $5000.00 to ship the car to Ghana, pay the Port taxes, buy the license plates and insurance in Ghana. The car has been beautifully maintained and so it will be a blessing to the ministry for many years. The reason we bought the vehicle here is that the costs and many of the cars are from North America [...]

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Titian Ministries Update March 2017

Loaves and Fishes, Adidome On my last mission trip, I had the privilege of meeting these precious people. They were so open to the gospel and many received physical healing in their bodies. They have been testifying to how much the food program means to them. They greatly appreciate the food, but also the messages and the prayer for healing and deliverance they receive. They express joy about the program and enjoy their time of gathering with us. Last month Pastor Jacob preached out of Acts 4:12. They are not only hungry in the natural, but even more importantly for spiritual food. Many will go home to be with Jesus in the next 10 years or less. What a privilege to see them come into the Father’s Kingdom. One of our women died and so we will be adding another in her place. There are people waiting in the doors as the food is being distributed, asking for food. It is so difficult to have to say “no” knowing that they too have needs and are hungry. Believe with us for an increase in our support base so that we can feed even more of these precious people. IAM Bible School, Adidome They have started their second school and it is going well. The impact of the first school was wonderful and we have received good reports from the pastors whose young leaders attended. We now have 8 students. The teachers are predominantly Pastors in the Community who volunteer. One of our teachers is Pastor Fred from New Bakpa. It is a church that was established from the student’s outreaches. Some of our team on the 2007 Mission Trip were on that team. Out of that [...]

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So Much Was Accomplished

So Much Was Accomplished Ghana 2016 Mission Trip Report On Sept 10th Titian Ministries hosted their first “Fundraising Dinner” in Amherstburg Ontario. It was a tremendous success. We sold all 200 tickets that were available. The Knights of Columbus Hall was filled with joy, laughter and excitement as the guests enjoyed a wonderful half chicken dinner, slide presentation and the hilarious auctioneer, Karen Belleau who helped sell the many prizes on the auction table. In the end, we raised $14,000.00 for the upcoming mission trip to Ghana. The team of Rene Caza, Murray Curtis, Joy Presland, Jerry Margin, Jack Armaly and Dr. Gertruda Armaly left on Oct 2, 2016 for the long flight to Accra Ghana. We arrived tired, but happy to see Rev. Donna Rohrmiller, Pastor Paul and William. The men with Pastor Paul headed to the Ocean House and began the task of transforming the facility. In two weeks time, they built kitchen cupboards, shelves, installed doors and door frames. They put in toilets and sinks, light fixtures and built closets. They purchased paint and painted all the upstairs rooms, but also a large bedroom downstairs for the oldest three young men. What an incredible transformation. It was amazing to see at times up to 4 young men learning skills from our men. Joseph was taught how to paint by Murray Curtis and became an expert painter. Joshua became Rene’s apprentice as he learned how to measure, use a skill saw, drill and other tools. The house was a hub of activity. Each day, Pastor Paul’s wife Martha brought them their midday meal which they enjoyed on the porch overlooking the ocean. It was about the only place where it was cool. Most [...]

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Progress Report for 2016

It is such a privilege to be able to develop the work that Rev. Sharon started so many years ago. This faithful servant gave her life to establish this incredible ministry in Adidome West Africa. Each time I read the history of how it all began, I stand amazed at what God has done and is now doing with the second generation. Rev. Sharon laid the foundation, and we have the privilege of building the superstructure on that foundation. When I stepped into the position as international director for this ministry, I did not understand the scope of what God would do, but I stepped in by faith and took the hand of the one who had helped me build Antioch Christian Ministries. Since we were in Adidome and Anloga last October, we have seen much progress in the work. On Nov 14, 2016 the first “I AM” Bible School class opened up and 10 students registered. Rev Donna Rohrmiller built relationships with leaders and pastors in the Adidome area and many are now supporting this part of the work by being teachers and some have become students. This October when I return we will be celebrating our first graduation. Rev. Sharon also had a feeding program for the elderly in the Adidome area. It was called “Loaves and Fishes”. On Dec 28th 2015 we saw another step in the process of restoration and the leadership got to sees the joy on the faces of the elderly who remembered all that Rev Sharon did for them in years past. We are now able to support 50 elderly men and women with food gifts on a monthly basis as they come for some fellowship and [...]

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God Provides Missionary Workers

God Provides Missionary Workers God’s provision comes in many ways. One way is through the efforts of visiting mission teams. Jon and Rebecca Carella have been friends since Bible school. I spent the first quarter of my third year in Adidome working with Rev. Sharon for my internship. When I returned to Bible school, Jon, who was in my class, with a big grin on his face told me, that he was going to get married. When Rebecca joined the school that year, it was love at first sight. They married at the end of that school year, and just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in Ghana in June 2015. Jon and Rebecca have supported my missionary work for a long time. Both have previous experience with short-term missions. When I informed people in my newsletter that I would be working with Titian Ministries, I heard from them almost immediately. They both had heard Rev. Sharon speak at our Bible school and sensed they were to help reestablish the work. The “picture” they got was of Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ hands during a battle (Exodus 17). They planned to come as soon as I moved to Adidome in October 2014. I was hesitant since I was not yet established, however they were sure and already had a doctor’s appointment to get their vaccinations. In 2014 they were here for six weeks and then returned for five months in 2015! When the Carellas were about to come in 2015, the Lord brought to mind that Titian Ministries International in Adidome was a place where missionaries, myself included, got their start. It became apparent that the Lord’s agenda was to make this mission a training [...]

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Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes December 28th was another step in our process of restoration. And what joy I saw on the faces in front of me! They had not heard from Titian Ministries for years and now they were here again, anticipating the Christmas gifts they were going to receive. Over the span of an hour, people came by motor bike, shared taxi, on foot, with the help of a younger person, and hobbling on canes. Many of the people were those who had been part of the daily soup kitchen meal served for years under this ministry. I even recognized some from way back in 2005. Madame Comfort, from the District Department of Social Welfare, compiled a list of those who had been part of the soup kitchen and additional elderly who were in similar need. We gave out 49 gifts of food, consisting of rice, oil, and a can of sardines. We added a soda in celebration of Christmas. It was also our opportunity to share the love of Christ with them through the Word and prayer. As the people left, we drove a few to their homes. They had struggled to get there and seeing them, I was not sure how they could manage to walk the distance back to town with their packages. We hope to give similar gifts regularly throughout the year to supplement their diet. We are also considering adding a few other items, such as soap with which to wash clothes and bathe. We are grateful to those who sponsored this blessing! [envira-gallery id="730"]

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Opening of the Bible School

Opening of the Bible School November 14, 2015 was an exciting day, one that we had been in preparation for quite some time. It was on that day that we held the first class of our new IAM Bible School! Even before I was called to be a part, the vision of Titian Ministries was to reestablish a Bible school at the Adidome site. Rev. Sharon Titian first hosted a part-time extension program from Pinecrest Bible Training Center, and later established Mount Zion Bible College under Shalom Bible College and Seminary. And now it was time to start again. Why so long in preparation? The answer is RELATIONSHIP, and along with that TRUST. During the first year, I visited many of the local churches and met many of the pastors. It is important that they see me and the ministry as part of the Christian community, interested in all of it and not connected with any one church or denomination. There is a general distrust of Bible schools as some in the past have enticed away those they trained to set up their own denomination’s churches. Also, this Bible school is built on volunteer teachers, and getting volunteers comes from relationship as well as the casting of a vision. The year-long effort was successful. We held a 2-day pastors’ and leaders’ seminar in October where I discussed the idea of opening a school. The response was positive and plans were put into place. We have 7 volunteer teachers, including myself. I am the Director of the school and Rev. Jacob Aheto, a Titian Ministries board member, is the Dean and will be leading the evangelism outreaches. We have ten students in our first class. It [...]

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Once Again His Success Story!

Once Again His Success Story! On Sept 27, 2015  Pastor Michael and Johanna Johnson, Joy Presland and myself [Pastor Gerrie Armaly] left from Detroit Metro Airport on our long journey to Ghana West Africa.  We all arrived safely, but some of our suitcases didn’t. They eventually caught up with us, a little damaged, but with contents intact! All part of the package when you travel! On our first day in Accra we had several important stops to make.  Our first visit was with the Irani Flour Company that has been providing the Children’s Home with flour for many years already.  We shared with them about Sharon’s death and then thanked them for their years of blessing us. They agreed to continue to provide for the children as long as they were able to.  God is good because this is a Ghanaian business helping to take care of their own Ghanaian children. Our next stop was with the ministries lawyer,  Mr. John Senoo who has been serving us for many years.  I as the director was able to thank him personally and also give him a much deserved financial blessing.  This certainly is God’s blessings to us because he worked with Madame Sharon all those years and  is familiar with the history of the ministry.   Our team then went to meet with Romana Testa who also oversees an orphanage in Accra. She was a very good friend of Madame Sharon .  We found her to be full of wisdom regarding the running of children’s homes and she will be a wonderful source of help as we move forward in building and establish our new home at the ocean. After a very lovely but late supper, we [...]

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Progress Report on the Work of Children of Zion

Progress Report on the Work of Children of Zion, June 1, 2015 On our mission trip in September of 2014 we traveled to Anloga, Ghana. Here we met our children. We visited the younger children at the facility they are still in presently. They are in an old army barracks. This facility was given to Sharon by the District to use until the home on the ocean is finished. Unfortunately our hearts broke for these children as it was a dark and dirty place. Most of them where sleeping on mats on the floor and they did not even have sheets or towels. We were able to provide the bedding, towels, and clothing they so desperately needed. The team brought them over from Canada. I was made aware of the need for another bathroom and a new septic tank. The children only had one bathroom and their shower stall was outside. The neighbors were complaining because the children were going to the bathroom outside. Because of the great need we moved on this project right away and it was completed in Dec. of 2014. The children now have a bathroom and two toilets. We also recognized the need for beds, mattresses, mosquito netting, screens and paint. We were planning to build beds for them as soon as we had the finances to do it. But in March, 2015 the Social Welfare Department made a surprise visit and threatened to close the ministry down because of the poor conditions that the children were living in. Because the facility is not ours, we did not want to put money into it. Our heart is to get the new facility done. But we did recognize the [...]

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